What You Should Know Before Getting A New puppy 2020

It is pretty evident that you give much care about your puppy as long as you’re reading this article, and this definitely points out the passion and curiosity you have toward the training procedure generally and your dog specifically in order to give your pet a better life.

Having a dog can be something really wonderful, and if you’re training it in a good and suitable way, it can be faithful , loveable and a great companion for years. like kids a puppy’s character is widely affected in its early age, as soon as you begin the training process the easy it will be, using the definite and needed techniques and easy to follow training drills in this article you can grow a lovely and a respectful dog.

Here you will find all you need about your puppy, including training methods , techniques and tutorials too. but all these are nothing if you don’t have an utter inquisitiveness around the aim to struggle for the wanted results and the inner peace you’re trying to reach by training your dog.

However, let me inform you that training a dog cannot be done in 7 days, such is the case with your kids; you cannot send them to school for a week and consider them educated.

Being around my dogs my whole life taught me how much invaluable it is to start a puppy off right with a convenient training schedule and carry on to maintain it going forward and in the proper manner. this article will teach you the wanted techniques and methods needed for long-term success.

There will be times when you just want to give up, and it seems to you it is very difficult to maintain the training process but just be strong and patient till you see the desired results.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you to give your puppy the best start in life:

  • You should be nice:

You cannot construct a relationship based on trust with your puppy by reproving or physically punishing it, instead we will use a combination of small food treats, affection, compliment and tenderness to reward your dog for good behavior so you can structure a sturdy bond and motivating them to carry on their good behavior and getting more rewards as well.

  • You should be strong:

When it comes to raising a puppy you ought be strong, namely during the training process you should be attentive to some points, I know that playing with your dog is something essential in the training drills, but be careful to the excessive playing it may make your dog a misbehaved pet.

  • You should be patient:

Dogs differ from one another, some get easily distracted and don’t learn quickly, and some others are so intelligent and trainable and they learn so fast too, for instance they pick things up right away and others don’t, namely they find difficulty in picking things up rapidly, but do not be frustrated, because with the good consistent training they will learn anything they need to prepare them for a happy-better life.

  • You should be prepared:

Getting prepared means you should have a general idea about the things you will do or dispense on when raising a puppy, and one of these things is to read this article, and have the utter intentions to keep on and not surrender from the first attempt, just carry on the training process and do not get frustrated at all.

  • You should be consistent:

Preparing your dog inconsistently is something confusing for it, if you are letting your dog getting away with things randomly it will surely struggle to learn and have difficulties during the learning procedure, by sticking to the schedule will set later and be consistent and attentive as much as you can in everything you do to make sure that your puppy is learning quickly for a happy lifetime.

Puppies are curious inquisitive creatures and will absolutely explore every place in your house that you may even forgot that they exicted, we will provide with a quick guide to simultaneously protect your dog and your house.

Protection: even if you are wrapping things in your house with plastic then coating it with a fabric twice, your pup is still trying to find something to niggle, scratch or even pee on,that’s why you should more patient and always put in mind that it is a part of preparing your dog, even it will a bit of secondary damage, but as long you are patient and consistent everything will be pretty good.

Tidy up: the best thing to do for preventing your puppy from destroying things is to merely move them to unreachable spots. Moreover spend much time cleaning clutter daily and pay attention to the small things that they may swallow and put them out of reach, a tidy-neat house will definitely help your dog to learn rapidly and properly.

Electrical : puppies instinctively explore with their mouth, so all you need to do is making sure that all wire flushed to the wall and completely wrapped in protective sleeves, unplugging things also will help to protect your dog and making it safe and alright.

Cosmetics : your dog’s curiosity can often lead them to find their way into cabinets, or to cosmetic products, which may be swallowed by your puppy, so it must be putten out of reach, and for the cabinets using childproof latches to fit low doors seems to be a good idea.

Food : human foods like chocolate, candies or those high in sugar or fat can be really harmful to dogs, so make sure to keep these snacks out of reach, without forgetting to keep you dog’s food hidden.

Boundaries : using baby gates to close off areas like stairwells and bedrooms seems to be a great idea by keeping your puppies away from entering them.


The majority of dog owners do not know precisely what do they really want for their dogs, namely they are ready to start a journey full of inconveniences and obstacles to take baffling steps to jeopardize into a new passion.

Therefore, I asked you the previous questions, in order to help you to figure out what you really want and not get stuck in the middle of your reading and say it doesn’t need all the sacrifices, your aim will alter as much as you learn about your puppy, its peculiar behaviors and how its mind operates, bear in mind you should know your goals that will keep you focused when things get harder; for instance when the training process is getting slow and your dog is not absorbing very well, and this may disappoint you a little bit when experiencing a small triumph.


PATIENCE: you will be daring your patience when things don’t go as you mapped out, that little voice inside you that’s telling you” why is my puppy is not learning so fast? I want to have another one that obeys me?”

FAITH: your faith will be challenged when you get frustrated, and the little voice keeps saying” how long will it take? is my puppy going to learn or should I give in?”

HABITS: your actual and previous habits will be dared as well, you will need to make sacrifices in the early weeks and months of your dog’s life,so it becomes more comfortable under your care.


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